Online Shoppers: Are You Using Ebates?

Please say yes!  If you're not, there's no better time to start than right this very second.  Let me explain what Ebates is and I hope by the end of this post you'll understand how genius this is. Ebates is a FREE online tool that gives you cash back on all online purchases you make from over 1500 retailers, including your favorites like Barney's NY, Bloomingdales, Tory Burch, Macys, Sephora, J Crew, Nordstrom (the list goes on and on).  Every time you shop online, you'll first sign onto Ebates.com using your email address & password, then you'll select the online shop where you'd like to shop (cash back percentages differ from store to store and are shown on their list).  Like magic, Ebates tracks how much you've spent on your purchase and will deposit what you've earned into your online "piggy bank." Every few months, Ebates sends you a "Big Fat Check" or transfers money to your PayPal account!  Best part is, you can still use coupon codes on your favorite retailers' websites. Ebates seen in NY Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN (it's legit!).I.recently signed up and have already earned a nice wad of extra spending money just for shopping online as usual.  Why wouldn't you do it?  Photo courtesy of Ebates.com.
INVITATION TO CASH BACK and a Sign-Up Bonus of $10 Gift Card to Retailer of your Choice!

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