The Best Skinny Jeans - $9.95 at H&M!

Quite a few months ago, I was waiting in line to pay for my armful of bargains at H&M, and next to me was a rack of skinny jeans with a "$9.95" sign above it. I swiped a pair off the rack to examine the price tag: Was I reading this correctly? $9.95?! YES!  H&M's SQIN line of jeans do, in fact, start at just $9.95.  I imagined the fit would be awkward, so I nervously tried them on when I got home... well I'll be damned!  These things fit perfectly and have just the right amount of stretch to hug my bod in all the right places.  I thought that finding these basically-free jeans was truly random, but I was perusing the store yesterday and found the same great jeans at the same great price in big heaps on a table.  I highly recommend going to the store and trying a pair on (unfortunately online shopping in the US is not available until the Fall).  They may just be your new go-to skinnies!

Top image courtesy of wherewearinthecity.com.

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