Marni for H&M: First Look

Come March 8th, expect swarms of ladies to line up and clear the racks of all things Marni for H&M.  I'll be in Thailand when the madness ensues, saving myself from a panic attack.  I have a history of obsessing at the launch of these collaborations and I'm better off watching from my iPad as Ebay fills up with the items people were lucky enough to score in store. Remember, online shopping at H&M is not available in the U.S. just yet, so you'll have to throw some 'bows in store to get your hands on this stuff.  You can see the complete collection with pricing for both men and women here.  Images courtesy of luckymag.com.  If you happen to be at H&M on 3/8 and can snag any of the awesomeness below, hook a sister up! Thanks, I'll bring you back something nice.

Bag $39.95

Blouse $79.95

Silk Shorts $49.95

Silk Top $70

T-Shirt $19.95
Silk Dress $129

Bag $39.95

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